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Welcome to eFlux

eFlux is a Professional Technology Services business, specialising in IT consulting and support services, and all associated maintenance and product distribution. Our technicians are qualified, devoted to the industry, dedicated to our clients and professional in all manners of our service.

eFlux understands that Technology means something different for every client, and that not all businesses share the same timeframes, goals, resources or budgets. Our aim is to assist clients in achieving their individual goals by harnessing the best and most relevant IT resources available to them.

Let eFlux show you how to embrace technology, grow faster and make the most of your resources

Our goals at eFlux

Our goal is to provide unrivalled service regardless of the size or industry of your business. Providing Superior Customer Service and Professional IT advice to be professionally recognised, trusted and the first port of call for all your Professional IT Services.

Whether you are a small business, looking to upgrade and expand, or a large business looking for a strong backbone in your IT structure, we can provide the right solution and IT support you need.

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