Silver Monitoring

Every business has eyes on their bank account, right? Money in money out and forecasting. Who has their eye on your computer network? Data in, Data out, Data storage, Backup integrity complete cyber security monitoring are just as important as the cashflow in your business. eFlux offers proactive real-time Infrastructure monitoring for the servers in your environment so you don’t have to. If we notice that something isn’t quite right with your “On premise” or “Virtual” Server, we will contact you to rectify any issues, so you don’t experience any downtime. We couple this proactive approach with providing a prioritised level of support, so you can rest easy knowing your server/s will always operate to their fullest and required potential.

All support requests are tended to by our expert Business IT engineers located in Bundaberg and Southport (Gold Coast). You can have confidence knowing your Business IT needs are being met and serviced by those that understand Business IT.


Gold Monitoring

How is the remainder of your network humming along? Not sure! Why not take advantage of our Gold monitoring service which includes everything you have come to expect from the Silver Monitoring PLUS a whole lot more. Let the eFlux Business IT experts monitor your entire network in real-time. This means that all your computers/workstations, laptops and servers have a team of engineers checking integrity and ensuring the infrastructures capability is keeping up with your business’s day to day demands.

Monitoring of your Business’s IT infrastructure provides our engineers with the data we require to ensure all of your components are functioning at the high standard that it takes to keep your business operating effectively.

Have you ever arrived at work and your network is experiencing an “outage”? Monitoring of your network is the primary method of preventing outages directly related to your IT infrastructure so if downtime costs your business money, let the engineers at eFlux keep your system up and running so you can keep billing. When you join eFlux on a Gold Monitoring Managed Agreement you will also receive exclusive access to special pricing on eFlux Managed Network Security Packages. Not only will you have a team ensuring your network is fit and healthy, but they will be checking to make sure it is both safe and secure.


Fully Managed Agreement

eFlux recognises the way IT support has changed for businesses and how critical a reliable IT infrastructure is to the success of your business. Traditionally, IT support has been offered under a ‘break-fix’ model – something breaks, you call an IT support company, they fix the problem and they send you a bill.

eFlux sees your IT differently and understands you are reliant on your infrastructure running successfully. Our eFlux engineers work closely with clients to fully understand their business and provide the right technology to not only enable but accelerate business growth.

Our Fully Managed IT Agreement gives you premium access to our expert IT support engineers when you need them without having to worry about paying an hourly rate. Our Fully Managed Agreements are provided on a per device/per month basis, so it doesn’t matter how many support tickets you log with us you won’t be changed any more than your monthly agreement.

When you partner with eFlux on our Fully Managed Agreement, eFlux takes care of your business IT requirements and manages all of your day to day IT responsibilities. This enables you to spend more time doing the things you entered business to do and to keep your business functioning at a high level. Our IT Support team will conduct proactive maintenance on your computer systems, so you don’t need to be disturbed. Our experienced eFlux engineers will manage your network including your entire IT infrastructure, network security, antivirus, malware prevention and your data backups. Our engineers can periodically test your data backups to ensure they are operational in case of a catastrophic event.

In the case of equipment failure, we will loan your business the required equipment to ensure you are back online and working, at no extra cost to you. When you log support tickets with us you will also receive VIP level support on all high impact service requests i.e. jump the queue – you’ve earned it.

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